Anna's Closet Challenge

Anna's Closet Challenge

Anna's Closet Challenge

It’s true that I have a ton of clothing, after all, I’ve been working at Something Else for over 18 years. 


But, the truth is I’m just as guilty as every other woman when it comes to utilizing all the pieces in my wardrobe.


 In other words, I wear the same outfits all the time just like you.


 Today's Outfit


It’s my winter white Textured Trapeze blouse from Niche, a black stretch pencil skirt with white polka dots from Mika rose, and my black suede booties.


I haven’t worn this outfit in a while. But, It always feels so classy like I’m a professional businesswoman or something.


Each month I’m going to dress in one of my go-to outfits, de-construct it, and add Something Else to create a brand new look.  


Wish me luck!! Check out this month's Closet Challenge below! - Anna 


Stylin With Something Else!

Look 1:

I decided to work with the skirt, I can’t believe I only wear this with that one top. This skirt is super versatile and flattering.

I played up the whole black and white print thing by adding, The Love Sweater and went for a more dressed down playful look, complete with gold converse knock offs from our up-Cycled section and a green leather handbag. 

(Swipe left on mobile for look 2!) 


Look 2:

I’m wearing that Polka Dot skirt again, this time I added a basic black blouse from Chalet, The Queenie Top, added the Tux Vest from IC Collections, and a little silver multi-strand necklace. I really loved this look, partly because the queenie blouse is so damn flattering. ( I included a pic because I just loved the way I looked in it) 


This is a great example of a” work look, that works it”, for a night out, just add the cool Tux vest and you’re done. P.S. It’s already crinkled so you can stow it in your bag.


Join the closet challenge on Instagram by tagging @somethingelsemtw and using the hashtag #closetchallenge for a chance to be featured.

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