Anna's Closet Challenge #3

Anna's Closet Challenge #3

Anna's Closet Challenge #3

Each month I’m going to dress in one of my go-to outfits, de-construct it, and add Something Else to create a brand new look.  

Wish me luck!! Check out this month's Closet Challenge below! - Anna 


Cozy December Vibes

Here we are again, with our monthly closet challenge!


This ensemble is one of my faves, because it looks really put together but it’s super comfy. I definitely get a lot of compliments every time I wear, what I call the Colorado Outfit.


This is also, the perfect example of never straying from the original look, which is especially tragic because one of the main pieces is a Sweat Cardigan, that has been under -utilized for years.


 The Original Look


Consist of a long sleeve pullover in a rusty wine color and a matching asymmetric knit skirt. I love Cardigans, so I always wear it with an awesome exposed seam Sweat Cardigan in Slate blue.

All three pieces are from Chalet et CiCi . The only thing I ever change is the necklace and I switch between my brown booties and tan suede boots.


Stylin With Something Else!

Look 1:

We keep the Tee and pair it with The Easy Crepe Skirt in Autumn Foral by Habitat and add a fun pink crystal necklace and black pumps from our Up-cycle section.



Look 2:

This is a perfect look for my customers who don’t do leggings ,but always fall in love with our great  selection of Tunics. I take the Asymmetric knit skirt and put it under one of Our colorful Tie dye Tunics, tie the side in a knot for some added interest and pair with my own tan suede boots.


Look 3:

This is one my favorite looks, it’s all comfort wear and it’s just a fun look. This time we take a pair of tie dye sweat pants from one of lounge wear sets, add The Green Fun Guy Tee, which happens to be the same Loden green that’s in the pants . We layer with the Sweatshirt Cardigan, and again we get lucky and the blue that’s in the sweat pants is also almost the same color as the Cardigan.


This was actually a little more difficult than our last challenge, I wanted to make sure I was really using each piece in a different outfit and not just duplicating the original look.


Let us know what you think. And, please feel  free to share any of your own Closet Challenges .

 - Anna 


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  • Love the looks, esp #3. May just buy a pair of those sweatpants for my Dec. purchase (at least one purchase a month, to help keep me and the store afloat till Covid dies off enuf for normal shopping to return). Thank you, Anna! What would we do without you?

    Alison on

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