Anna's Closet Challenge #2

Anna's Closet Challenge #2

Anna's Closet Challenge #2

 Each month I'm dressing in one of my go-to outfits, de-constructing it, and adding Something Else to create a brand new look.  


Wish me luck!! Check out this month's Closet Challenge below! - Anna

Something a little Different 

For this month's Closet Challenge, I wanted to deal with the elephant in the room, you have probably seen this month's “Go-To Outfit” before and how could you miss it, I wear it at least once a week. I find throwing this button-up top on with leggings so easy, but it's actually a jacket. I could be getting so much more use out of this fun black and white geometric print top. So here goes...


Look 1

The first look I came up with is so easy, I can't believe I have never thought of it before, especially since I already own this red and black tunic. The Belle Tunic from Chalet is just as comfy and stylish on its own, but I've paired it with my ever-present IC Jacket, leggings, and a pair of low-top converse.

Look 2:

For my second look, I’m going for a more office-friendly or suiting vibe. Taking that same IC print Jacket, I pair it with The Queenie Top and Baylee Pant in black, both from Chalet et Ci Ci. I finish the whole ensemble off with a Cool Art Style necklace from Sylca Designs.

Look 3:

The third and final look in this month's Closet Challenge is more of a warm-weather outfit. This is just the kind of thing I would on any given day in the summer. I love sleeveless Linen tops like this Cowl Neck Tunic from Match Point, but I don’t like showing my arms. This time my IC Top becomes an optional jacket I can pull off if I get too warm. To complete the look, we add in a pair of pinstripe pants from our sales rack and a really fun graphic art necklace from Sylca. For an even more summery look, I would also rock white linen pants.


Although these three looks aren’t huge leaps, they do just what they are intended, getting this fashion victim to look at her “To Go “wardrobe pieces differently. Sometimes it's just about starting and see what happens next.


The Looks don’t have to be mind-blowing or drastically different, they just need to get you moving in a different direction and help you build your confidence so you can see all the fashion opportunities before you.


Join the closet challenge on Instagram by tagging @somethingelsemtw and using the hashtag #closetchallenge for a chance to be featured.

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