Anna's Closet Challenge #4

Anna's Closet Challenge #4

Anna's Closet Challenge #4

Do you find yourself wearing the same outfits even with a closet full of choices? In the Something Else Closet Challenge we take one of our go-to outfits, de-construct it, and add Something Else to create brand new looks.  


Wish me luck!! Check out this month's Closet Challenge below! - Anna 


Layering in June

Its been a while but here we are again, with another closet challenge!



The Original 

This original look is always paired together. I'm sure we all have our go-to favorites despite a  closet full of choices ( or is that just me?). Our challenge is to use the pieces of this original outfit to create 3 unique looks we can use to take our look from always the same to Something Else. 


Look One


Look one uses the original pants with our Brood x Cicada Tee layered with a white jacket. 



Look Two


Look two layers the original dress and adds the Raw Edge Tank Top in violet.



 Look Three


The original white dress paired with the Tie Dye Illusion Dress for a flowy vintage aesthetic. 


Do you find yourself wearing the same outfits even with a closet full of choices? Share your own Closet Challenge by taking an original look and making 3 new outfits using layering. 


Join the closet challenge on Instagram by tagging @somethingelsemtw and using the hashtag #closetchallenge for a chance to be featured!


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