Curio Cabinet Featured Artist: Kailyn Williams

Curio Cabinet Featured Artist: Kailyn Williams

Curio Cabinet Featured Artist: Kailyn Williams

Meet the Artist

Kailyn Williams is a 20 year old queer artist currently studying General Fine Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She’s got a passion for fashion and a love of bright, happy colors (which is very evident in her work)! Kailyn loves learning new techniques, experimenting, and being hands on. She’s never been one to stick to a particular art form, working on anything from ceramics to painting to sewing. Her goal is to spread happiness through her work, and to inspire creativity in others.

Kailyn Williams local artist

Here's what Kailyn has to say about her art

"My art’s purpose has always been to spread happiness, creativity, and love! Some things that make me happy are bright colors and fun patterns, which is very clear throughout my work across all mediums. I’ve often been told that my work is fun and makes people feel excited, and that’s exactly my intention! I’m so happy to be able to spread that feeling to others"


 Star pop earrings

 Succulent plant earrings

Heart planet necklace
Star earrings


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