Circle Tassel Necklace

One of our fave style necklaces is the Pendent, we just love the way a single hanging element can change your look. This pendent is formed with a wood accented decoupage half circle and yellow rubber fringe. Black, white and yellow stripes, so fun. 
  • Minimalist style 
  • Length 28 to 34 Inches
  • Adjustable length
  • Handcrafted
  • Women owned company

Product ID: NK-282-CN-SY

Handcrafted in the Philippines. Resin forms. Black fabric cord. Adjustable long or short. Decoupage black and white dot pattern. Wood accent. Yellow rubber fringe. Measurements: Length 28 to 34 Inches. Pendent 6 by 2 1/2  Inches with fringe.