Earthen Oak Candle Corrugated Tin
Earthen Oak Candle Corrugated Tin

Earthen Oak Candle Corrugated Tin

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Woodsy and clean, is my best description of this scent. Sandalwood, amber and oddly enough eucalyptus and violet. Some how, all these fragrances combine to create a woodsy, warm and soft scent that is perfect as an everyday home fragrance. Comes in a rustic corrugated tin container. These candles even pass the" Boyfriend who hates candle test". We searched high and low for a scented candle with organic essential oils and got lucky with the bonus of up-cycled containers and sustainable soy. Available in 8 OZ as well. Fragrant, but not overpowering.
  • Clean, soft and woodsy
  • 10 OZ
  • Organic essential oils
  • Hand polished glass containers
  • Sustainable
  • 60 Hour burn time

Product ID: GW-101-EO-CD-LU-E22

Made in Georgia. Soy, Organic essential oils and Corrugated Tin Container Measurements: 3 Inches tall, 3Inches wide. Please follow directions for burning time and trim wicks.


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