Frida Under Glass Wall Art

For Frida Kahlo lovers, having one of her self portraits hanging in their personal space is the ultimate. The Frida fan in your life will fall in love with these vibrant wall hangings. Each depicting a Frida self portrait hand painted and preserved under glass. The perfect size for a collector, you will surely be able to find a small niche to hang these works of art. Available in Frida Parrot Print or Frida Thorn Print
  • Frida Kahlo self portrait
  • 8.75 Inches x 4.75 Inches
  • Gold wood frame
  • Glass covering
  • Perfect collectable size

Product ID: HW-101-FA-TA

Handcrafted in Peru. Glass covering, wood frame and base. Has a hook on back for hanging. Measurements: Length 8.75 Inches, Width 4.75 Inches, Depth 1 Inch.