Washable Rayon Face Masks

Due to the growing demand for protective face mask, we decided to explore some more options. Check out or new offering of masks, manufactured using double layers of Rayon and Lycra fabric they are stretchy and less stiff. Classic pleating and elastic ear loops are still in play. We are sure you will like the black trim and contemporary prints. Also, perfect for layering over plain white masks Available in assorted prints.
  • Double layer fabric
  • Stretchy, fits snuggly
  • Made in the USA
  • Fun Prints
  • Washable

Product ID: FM-200-RM-LC

These are not medical grade mask but, will offer some protection while we wait for the availability of N95 and Medical grade masks. Plus, these are super cute. Available in solid colors, reversibles and assorted prints. Covers nose, mouth and under chin. Classic pleated construction with elastic ear loops.