Evil Eye Beaded Circle Earrings

By now you should have guessed we kind of have a thing for Eyes. We know the 'Evil Eye' is supposed to ward off bad Ju Ju, but the truth is we just dig the eye motif. I love eyes they are kind of cool and weird all at the same time. These beaded post earrings have a rich look with the gold seed bead edging. Available in cream and red. Get both colors, mix and match. Check out our full selection of beaded and eye earrings.
  • Cool and weird eye motif
  • 2 x 1 4/8 Inch
  • Faux jewel pupil
  • Glass seed beads
  • Statement earrings

Product ID: ER-122-EE-BS

Glass sees beads. Faux jewel. Fabric backing. Hypo-allergenic post. Measurements: Length 2 inches. Width 1 4/8 Inch.