Double Purples Chain Necklace

Jewelry is usually not exclusive to a particular season, but these colorful necklaces definitely have a summer vibe. The vibrant shapes are dyed horn that have the look of shell or wood. Each necklace will finish off any outfit you come up with. This chunky link necklace is a mix of bone and horn accented with brass O-rings. Anju jewelry is handcrafted and this collection is made of horn and bone that is ethically collected, in India where cows are considered sacred. The natural material is only taken from animals that have passed naturally. 
  • Vibrant summer color
  • 38 Inches long
  • Horn and brass
  • Sustainable and ethical
  • Fair trade

Product ID: NK-168-DN-AU

Made in India. Horn and bone links. Fair trade. Ethically obtained material. Variations expected due to use of natural products. Handcrafted by Artisans. Measurements: Length 38 Inches. Links 1.5  Inches.