Sterling Hand Earrings

Over the years we have carried a variety of ethnic jewelry, always revisiting the Traditional Mexican Earrings, probably because they are just so beautiful. Mexican Jewelry was influenced by the Spanish, but they soon surpassed their instruction and influence to create their own unique style. One of the unifying factors in Mexican jewelry is movement either the impression or actual articulation from moving cascabels or some other motif. We hope you enjoy this small collection, the price of sterling silver has risen so we have kept our collection small and chosen smaller more moderately priced pieces. These hook style earrings feature the human hand. The hook is sterling as well. Available in sterling silver. Check out the rest of our collection.
  • Hand earrings
  • Hook style 
  • Length 1 7/8 Inch
  • Sterling silver
  • Handcrafted in Mexico

Product ID: ER-266-SE-MP

Made in Mexico. Sterling silver with 925 stamp. Hand crafted in the traditional style. Measurements: Length 1 7/8 Inch. Width 5/8 Inch.