Coulter DIsc Necklace

 I know we've said resin and plastics are back, but did we mention all the cool new ways they are using them? This 3 tiered necklace uses beads of fluted discs and finishes them with a metallic slightly rubberized treatment that mimics the look of metal. The hard wear is gold and the beads are strung on 3 generous strands of oval links. You will love the look of this chunky statement necklace, but appreciate the lightness and intriguing textures, "Oh so much ".
  • Matte metallic treatment
  • Length 20 Inches
  • Adjustable
  • Resin beads
  • Chunky, but light weight

Product ID: NK-120-CN-NY

Fluted resin beads strung in three graduated strands. Gold tone oval metal links. Measurements: Length 20 Inches. Hangs 12 Inches. Beads 1 Inch.