Confetti Disc Necklace

This colorful necklace resembles a painters pallet, which makes perfect sense all those flecks of color are basically artist brush strokes. You will love the way the disc on this necklace playfully turn and change when you move. One side are black solid disc the other a burst of jewel toned colors. Available in black with multi color flecks. Makes a wonderful gift. Matches our Confetti Cardigan perfectly. 
  • Black disk with multi color flecks
  • 26 to 34 Inches
  • Crafted by an Artisan Collective
  • No metal
  • Great gift

Product ID: NK-109-CDN-SY

Handcrafted in the Philippines. Constructed of Resin and strung on black fabric cord. Measurements:  Length 26 to 34 Inches, Beads 1.5 Inches across.