Tie Dye Face Masks

The obvious choice for a Something Else Devotee, would have to be these Tie Dye Face Masks. If your a tie dye fan and you love Kathmandu, they are responsible for these quality face mask. Made with 100% Cotton, they went a little further and created a cotton pocket for inserting filters or paper masks. Plus, they are tie dyed in an array of glorious color. Ergonomically shaped with soft elastic straps. Available in multi- color tie dyes. Have fun matching to your Kathmandu tie dye clothing.
  • Vibrant Tie Dye
  • Ergonomic shape
  • 100% Cotton
  • Pocket for filter 
  • Soft elastic ear straps

Product ID: FM-300-TM-KH

Made in Thailand. 100% Cotton. Washable. Has an ergonomic shape. Has a cotton pocket on inside to insert a filter, if not it acts as another layer of protection. Hand tie dyed please expect color variations within color groups.