Tummy Tuck Legging

Sometimes customers wonder why we dont carry more leggings, the answer is simple. The world is full of leggings at rock bottom prices and questionable quality, why bother. We very rarely carry any other brand of legging than these tried and true Tummy Tuck Leggings. If you haven't yet, give them a try, you will probably want more than one pair. Tummy Tuck Legging s are constructed differently, they are 86 % cotton and woven in a special way to give you a smooth fit look. The high waist holds it all in and keeps you from having muffin top. This year they made an improvement and made the back waist a little higher, so if you a little more action going on in back you will get the better coverage. Just like your curves we hope you will embrace the learning curve, when you first try on a pair of these wonderful leggings they may be a little tuff to get on, as have a foundation wear fit, don't be afraid to pull on these suckers they can take it. Available in black, navy and brown. In terms of fit, I personally am an 1XL and I wear the Larges and I love them.
  • The best legging ever
  • Generously sized, tight fit
  • 86% Cotton
  • High waist
  • Woven to keep it all tucked in

Product ID: LG-100-TL-LY

Machine washable. 86% Cotton 14 % Spandex. Full length Legging. Generously sized, fitted tight, like leggings should be. High waist, slightly higher in back for a better more flattering fit. Model is wearing a size small. Measurements of Size Small: Inseam 28 Inches.